Tool to check in Nest Boxes of Birds

The crazy thing you are watching in the pic is the tool I use to check in my birds nest boxes. It is a webcam device after being operated. I remove its outer cover to make it thin so that it can easily go into the nest box. I attached it with a scale to make it long. People also use cell phones for it but it must have a flash li8, I don’t have a phone with flash so I make it. I attached it with my laptop and then insert it into the nest box. I use Windows movie maker for this. Its more benefits are that you don’t have to take off nest boxes to check inside and also it can move into the places where taking off nest boxes is difficult. Only you have to attach a long stick with it and that’s all. But most important thing is that your camera must also have a light attached with it. If camera has no light then you can do it personally. Simply take a small LED and connect  wires with it and then attach a battery and tape it with your camera or stick .ImageImageImageImage